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2016 HEAD TRANSPORTS Phone 844-855-6579 FAX 712-202-5390 HULL TRANSPORTS 804 MULBERRY ST BRADDYVILLE, IOWA 51631 * Zero tongue weight' front hitch with telescoping hookup, dual latching safety chains and more. * Standard Steel Fenders tucked up against Steel Component Neck and Frame for protection * 14,000Lb Standard with 7,000Lb rear TORSION AXLE and our EZ-Ride 7,000Lb Dampened Coil over Suspension System. o Note: This is NOT a floppy ball mount dolly. This rigid engineered vertical suspension is tough and stays put. * 8 Bolt EZ-Lube externally greased hubs come as standard equipment on all wheels. * ST235/80R-16 RADIAL tires on 8 Bolt White Mod 16" Wheels are 10 ply Class E Highway Rated for 3,500Lb per tire. * L.E.D. Sealed Beam Stop/Turn/Tail/Marker Lights included with enclosed wiring and 7 prong modern pickup plug. * Farm Hitch Pin Clevis is removable and can be changed to other styles of ball or lunette eye couplers. * Sickle Storage and Small Parts storage built right into the frame. * NO TOOLS required to adjust all brackets and mounts, simply loosen and adjust by hand. * 2 (TWO) heavy service ratcheting tie down straps included with 'no tool' hand adjustable brackets. * 10 years of frame warranty included. * Single rear 7,000Lb TORSION AXLE 19' , 23', 25', 27', 30' standard 4"x10" frames. * 32', 36', 38',- and the Tandem 40', 42' models all have standard HEAVIER 4"x12" frames. Tandem (2) rear 7,000Lb TORSION AXLES 45' & 47' units have standard 4"x14" frames o (Units shorter than 27' do not allow for 2 rear axles) 14,000Lb EZ-Ride Transports with 7,000Lb Front Dampened Coil & Single 7,000Lb Rear Torsion Suspension. EZ-Ride 7000Lb dampened coil EZ-Ride shock dampened coil front suspension. Telescopic Tongue Tether Safety for Brakes Safety Chains 7-Prong RV plug Changeable Coupler Monroe 65404 shock for Peterbuilt & Kenworth trucks. Rigid Bolster Cannot Detach Cannot SideRoll or Buckle Gas Shock Smooth Ride Side Marker Lights & reflectors now standard Now Standard Side markers Reflectors Side Markers Series IV Hull Tranports Wider Stance - Steeper Incline Universal Saddles - Taller Brackets Full DOT Lighting - Rear Hitch Ports Rear Hitch Call to verify your pricing. [MSRP = Suggested Retail Price] Effective December 2015 Hull Transports Meet NATM Standards. (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) Content copyright 2015-2016 Hull Trailers Inc. All rights reserved.

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